Mission Statement

‘To meet young people, their friends and families where they are at on their faith journey providing them repeated opportunities to experience Jesus’s love and mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.’

Vision Statement

‘To reach as many families as possible within the parish community and assist them in growing an on-going relationship with Jesus Christ’

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Registration Form for 2017 Downtown Chicago Christmas Trip
  • Event Registration Instructions

    Please use this form to Register for the upcoming Downtown Chicago Trip which will take place on Thursday December 28th. You are responsible for your own train tickets, subway costs as well as lunch and spending money. It is suggested you bring at least $20 for lunch (at Water Tower Place) and snacks in addition to travel costs and spending money. Consider using the Ventra App available at Apple Store or Google Play to buy mobile tickets If you are a family attending, please register each person individually. Please RSVP by Decemeber 22nd so I can let Metra know how many people will be riding on the train.
  • Please show current grade (17/18 School Year) or Mark as Adult
  • Please list the School that you attend or if list as Home School or Adult
  • Important Information

    If this is your Youth Ministry event, please make sure you download and fill out a Master Liability Form that we will keep on file while you are in Middle and/or High School. Please pay attention to dress code for Youth Ministry events and do your best to dress modestly and appropriately for events. You will also need to bring the Permission Form for this trip which is posted on line at
  • We will be doing a considerable amount of walking. Please list any physical limitations or allergies you might have

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