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5K Walk/Run For the Nuns

Registration Form for 5K Walk/Run
  • Registration Instructions

    The 5K Walk/Run For the Nuns will take place on Sunday - March 5th regardless of the weather. In order to participate, you must fill register on-line and then send in your payments using the attached form. On-line registration must be completed by February 24, 2017 in order to guarantee a t-shirt.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10.
    Mail or Drop off your Cash or Check made payable to St. Patrick Youth Ministry, Memo: Nun Run Parish Office: 6N487 Crane Road, St. Charles, IL 60175

    I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in consideration of the acceptance of this registration and for being permitted to participate in this event. I am a voluntary participant in this event, and in good physical condition. I KNOW THAT THIS EVENT IS A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY AND I HEREBY ASSUME FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INJURY OR ACCIDENT WHICH MAY OCCUR DURING MY PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT OR WHILE ON THE PREMISES OF THIS EVENT, AND I HEREBY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS AND COVENANT NOT TO FILE SUIT AGAINST HERE I AM LORD, ST. PATRICK CATHOLIC CHURCH AND DIOCESE OF ROCKFORD., THE TIMING COMPANY, AND ANY AFFILIATED INDIVIDUALS, AND WALK/RUN SPONSORS AND THEIR AGENTS AND EMPLOYEES, AND ALL OTHER PERSONS OR ENTITIES ASSOICATED WITH THIS EVENT (THE “RELEASEES”) FROM ANY LOSS, LIABILITY, DAMAGE, OR CLAIMS I MAY HAVE ARISING OUT OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT, INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURY OR DAMAGE SUFFERED BY ME OR OTHERS, WHETHER SAME MAY BE CAUSED BY FALLS, CONTACT WITH OTHER PARTICIPANTS, CONDITIONS OF THE COURSE, NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE. If I do not follow all the rules of the event, I understand that I may be removed from the event. I give my full permission to HERE I AM LORD, St. Patrick Catholic Church, Diocese of Rockford, the timing company and their sponsors to use any photographs, videotapes, or other recordings of me that are made during the course of this event.