Our Middle School program is open to all those who will be in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade during the 2017/18 school year.  We have a lot of opportunities for Middle School teens, friends and families during both the school year and the summer.

Mike Zak, Director of Youth Ministry

Office Phone (630) 338-8050, E-Mail – youthministry@stpatrickparish.org

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Register for 2017 Downtown Chicago Christmas Trip

Registration Form for 2017 Downtown Chicago Christmas Trip
  • Event Registration Instructions

    Please use this form to Register for the upcoming Downtown Chicago Trip which will take place on Thursday December 28th. You are responsible for your own train tickets, subway costs as well as lunch and spending money. It is suggested you bring at least $20 for lunch (at Water Tower Place) and snacks in addition to travel costs and spending money. Consider using the Ventra App available at Apple Store or Google Play to buy mobile tickets If you are a family attending, please register each person individually. Please RSVP by Decemeber 22nd so I can let Metra know how many people will be riding on the train.
  • Please show current grade (17/18 School Year) or Mark as Adult
  • Please list the School that you attend or if list as Home School or Adult
  • Important Information

    If this is your Youth Ministry event, please make sure you download and fill out a Master Liability Form that we will keep on file while you are in Middle and/or High School. Please pay attention to dress code for Youth Ministry events and do your best to dress modestly and appropriately for events. You will also need to bring the Permission Form for this trip which is posted on line at www.rockedbygod.net
  • We will be doing a considerable amount of walking. Please list any physical limitations or allergies you might have



IGNITE is our new monthly after school program for 8th graders an

d their friends.  It will take place in THE CATACOMBS at the Downtown Church Campus from 4 – 5:30 pm.  Initially we have scheduled this as a monthly event and may add additional dates.

IGNITE will be planned and led by members of the Peer Ministry Leadership team (PMLT) and Mr. Zak.

The Next IGNITE Date is TBA. See the Youth Ministry Calendar on the main page for all dates.


Transformers Tri Color

The Last Date is Tuesday December 19, 2017.
See the Youth Ministry Calendar on the main page for all dates.

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY continues every Tuesday school is in session* with Donuts and muffins as well as various Traditional Breakfasts planned by Mr. Zak. Parent Help Appreciated! (*except when there is a school Mass on Tuesday)

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAYS is a NEW Tradition started in 2014!  For 5th through 8th Grades!  Whether you attend St. Pat’s grade school, area public Middle Schools or are Home Schooled, you are invited!  Come for Mass and then stay as long as you are able for a light breakfast as we look at Scripture and the Saints in a new and exciting way!  We will dismiss everyone not later than 8:15 but if you have to leave early to get to school that’s ok. Stay for as long as you are able.  This will take place in DEMPSEY HALL at the Crane Road Church after Mass in the chapel.

Did you know that since TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY began in 2014, three other parishes have incorporated versions of it into their Youth Ministry programs. Don’t miss out on the fastest growing program in Youth Ministry!