Extraordinary Minister (EM’s) of Holy Communion distribute the Precious Body and Precious Blood at weekend and weekday Masses to the parish community and our guests. An EM will usually serve once or twice a month depending on the number of volunteers available for each Mass time. Schedules are generated quarterly through a tool called Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) using each EM’s profile preferences for church location and mass time(s) to serve. All communications are done via email. So, although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that all EM’s have an email and internet access prior to volunteering to serve.

In order to be an EM, the volunteer must be confirmed in the Catholic faith. EM’s must be able to arrive 20 minutes prior to the Mass time they are scheduled to serve to check in and pray with the team for that Mass. All volunteers must adhere to the guidelines and documentation requirements established by the Rockford Diocese. 

Training will be provided for all volunteers.

For more information on serving at either of the parish church locations please contact Kevin True at ktrue1208@comcast.net or 630-240-0437 or  Steve Jolly at  stevenjolly61@gmail.com.