Latest Updates from Bishop Malloy and the Diocese of Rockford

Below you will find links to any letters, announcements, and press releases that have come from Bishop Malloy or the Diocese of Rockford. We are blessed to have a bishop, like Bishop Malloy to lead our diocese through this pandemic.


April 28 | Prayer to Consecrate the Diocese to Mary

April 26 | US and Canadian Bishops to Re-Consecrate North America to Mary (Spanish)

April 9 | Bishop Malloy has issued a new statement extending dispensation past Easter


March 26 | Letter from Bishop Malloy on Closing of Adoration Chapels and a Plenary Indulgence


March 20 | Letter from Bishop Malloy Concerning Holy Week


March 18 | Press Release: Bishop Malloy to Celebrate Mass and Devotions on Internet


March 17 | Letter from Bishop Malloy Suspending all Public Masses


March 16 | Letter from the Chancery regarding New Safety Precautions During Covid-19


March 13 | Letter from Bishop Malloy in response to COVID-19