Our New “Embrace Parenthood” Ministry explores Virtually, Christ-Centered Parenting • February 27 through April 3

Have you ever been concerned about the world’s impact on your children?

You’re not alone.

Many parents are struggling.
Raising children in an increasingly secular world is hard.

Embrace Parenthood, a new ministry at St. Pat’s, is gathering a community of parents boldly committed to answering our vocation in family life. Our goal is to help our children build a personal relationship with Jesus and foster loving families and friendships.

Join Embrace Parenthood for our first series, Christ-Centered Parenting, beginning February 27 and continuing through April 3.  Connect with other families to discuss topics like identity, sexuality, relationships and technology.

Meetings will be held virtually on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Please Visit stpatrickparish.org/embrace-parenthood to sign up.