People get disconnected from God and the Church for various reasons. Sometimes it is a matter of just drifting away. Others may have experienced some hurt or disappointment in connection with the Church.   Some may disagree with Church teachings or have issues connected to a marriage.

If you sense that God is calling you back to your Catholic faith, we can help you take those steps back into the faith.   Msgr. Deutsch has been working for many years on the Catholics Returning Home Program.   He has helped many come back to the Church.   Many people think it is not possible for them to return, or “they are too far gone.”   We want to assure you that we will walk with you on your journey back home.   If you would like to explore the possibility of returning to the practice of your Catholic faith, please contact Msgr. Dan Deutsch at

Here is a link to a Catholic organization that exists to help Catholics find their way back to their spiritual home. These short video clips are excellent so please take a look!

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