Diocese of Rockford’s Safe Environment Program for Adult and Teen Volunteers at St. Patrick Parish

The Diocese’s Commitment

Sexual misconduct by clergy, Church personnel, Church leaders and volunteers is contrary to our faith and morals, the religious teachings of the Catholic Church, State law and Canon Law. Bishop David J. Malloy has declared emphatically, that “one case of abuse is one too many.” Sexual misconduct can have devastating consequences and effects on the victims and their families, the Church community, and for the transgressor. The Diocese of Rockford remains committed to preventing sexual abuse and remains diligent in its vigorous efforts to educate in the detection, prevention and reporting of abuse, and to assist victims in healing.

The Diocese’s Program

The Diocese of Rockford’s Safe Environment Program includes the proper education and screening of those who wish to volunteer for a parish, school, or other diocesan entity.

  • All requirements are to be completed before the individual is permitted to volunteer in the Diocese of Rockford.
  • A current Virtus account is typically valid at all Rockford Diocese parishes, schools and entities.

Create your Virtus Account

  • Requirements for Adult/Teen Volunteers are completed through our Virtus Online system.
  • Once a volunteer has created an account, the Virtus Online system will provide volunteers with automated email notifications when a document or training has been revised by the diocese and needs to be completed.
  • If a volunteer does not have an email address the parish administrator will call the volunteer regarding the update.
  • Instructions to create your online account are linked below. Please contact Anne Smith for the required password.

Adult Volunteers (18 years and older)

Teen Volunteers (16 and 17 years old)

Adult Volunteers – Spanish

Have Questions or Need Help?

  • Not sure how to create a Virtus account?
  • Do not have access to a computer or the internet?
  • Are not comfortable using a computer/internet and would like assistance creating an account?
  • Not sure if you already have a Virtus account?
  • Can a Virtus account registered with a different diocese or parish be transferred to our parish?
  • Did you already complete Protecting God’s Children training or another requirement?

If you have any of these questions or others, please contact:

Anne Smith (Wed. and Thurs. mornings)
St Patrick Parish
Virtus/Safe Environment Coordinator
Heather Dunaway
Diocese of Rockford
Virtus/Safe Environment Coordinator